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In New England, the fall foliage is captivating. The maples and oak trees coat the ground with beautiful shades of red and gold. 

However, these beautiful leaf changes that Mother Nature gives us can create potential dangers for drivers when they cover your car and the ground. Allowing leaves to cover your vehicle can damage the paint. The sap, pollen, and chemicals in decomposing leaves leach into the paint finish. 

A building of leaves and pine needles on your hood can cause your windshield wipers not to work properly. Also, the debris can clog air filters and drains. 

What do you do to protect your car? 

  • Clean your car: Regularly remove by hand any debris from the hood, windshield, and roof. It can prevent scratches, unlike a broom or leaf blower. 
  • Avoid parking under trees:If you can, try to park under trees. Use a carport, garage, or even a tarp to protect your car. 
  • Wash your car:  Wash your car often in the fall and consider a wax finish before winter to protect the exterior.

Keeping your vehicle clean and free of leaf debris will save you the stress this fall.