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Commercial Truck Insurance

We are TruckWise

We’ve developed an expertise in the complicated world of commercial truck liability insurance and compliance regulations. As your independent commercial truck insurance agency, we provide you with a reliable liability coverage program, a valuable understanding of compliance issues, and the best value for your trucking insurance dollars. We serve MA, CT, VT, NH, ME and RI. Whether you need  owner operator insurance, motor carrier, or private carrier insurance, you’re required to secure the appropriate commercial trucking insurance coverage necessary to comply with various industry regulations. Primary Commercial Auto Liability insurance is required by federal regulations. Every carrier must carry liability insurance on every rig – even leased units. This coverage provides protection against legal liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of any insured vehicle. We’ll customize your truck insurance, making sure it meets your particular needs. Our truck insurance services include:

  • Certificates of Insurance – critical when you need to load and roll on a deadline. 24/7 online service available. 
  • Owner Operator and Motor Carrier Insurance programs – our #1 job is to make sure that you’re protected with the right commercial liability truck insurance.
  • Physical Damage Insurance – protection against loss or damage to your truck resulting from impact with another vehicle or object.
  • Bobtail Insurance – this is not the same as non-trucking liability coverage; bobtail insurance protects a tractor when it’s being operated without a trailer, regardless of its dispatch status.
  • Cargo Insurance – often called freight insurance, this coverage is for the owner operator or motor carrier who may be legally liable for the damage, destruction or other loss of the customer’s property being shipped. This includes lost packages, broken contents and stolen articles.
  • General Liability Insurance – protects the business for any property damage or bodily injury which does not involve a truck. This coverage is for claims arising out of the insured’s liability for injuries or damages caused to ownership of property, manufacturing operations, contracting operations, sale or distribution or products and the operating of machines as well as professional services.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – covers employees who experience work-related injuries or illness.

Looking out for you

We’re often called upon by fleet managers and owner operators who want to purchase new trucks and equipment. We help them find practical truck insurance solutions that meet the industry’s complex regulations. Some of the things we help them address are:

  • Insurance carriers often have certain preferences for the type of trucking risk and coverage they’ll offer. We shop for the best options available for your particular needs.
  • Policy language and its influence on your operations.
  • Proper claims handling and reporting techniques.
  • Loss control administration.
  • Understanding Bills of Lading and their role in mitigating and controlling claims.
  • Proper structure, duties, and roles of safety committees.
  • Regulatory filings.
  • DOT driver files, Substance Abuse Testing services, and compliance functions.
  • CSA 2010 and its operational impact.
  • Controlling and verifying SafeStat data and reportable incidents.

We are designated Truck Insurance Specialists by Progressive Insurance.owner operator or motor carrier

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    We are one of the original agencies to work with Progressive since they came into Massachusetts, earning their “Truck Specialists” designation.