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By Katelyn Morgan

According to U.S News, almost half of college students bring a car to campus. If you or your young adult plan on keeping a car on school grounds, make sure you have enough coverage in case of a fender-bender or worse. Here is how you can make your insurance makes the grade.
Younger Drivers Can Cost More.

It’s no secret that car insurance can be expensive for a younger or a newly licensed driver. Adding a young adult or teen can cost anywhere between an extra $140 to $500 per month. But why? The CDC reports that teens accounted for $13.6 billion (8.4%) of the total costs of motor vehicle injuries in 2016. Teens cost insurance companies more money than other age groups because of lack of experience, distracted driving and in some cases, driving under the influence.

What To Do?
Many insurance agency’s (like First American!) will work the carriers to help lower premiums. Some even offer good student discounts depending on the college, university, or school.

Reassessing your coverage can help too. If you’re going to school out-of-state, make sure you have the minimum coverage required by that state because they vary. Remember, the minimum amount will allow you to drive, but may not cover you in all cases. For example, if your windshield chips while on an epic, spring break road trip, that may not be covered.

Don’t Have a Car – Get Insurance Anyway
Even if you or your teen doesn’t have a car getting insured anyway is a good idea. It will cover you if you’re driving a friend’s car, or using shared services such as ZipCar, having that non-owner insurance provides extra coverage.

Next Steps
Visit us at or call 413.592.8118 and one of account managers can help you decide on the best coverage for your auto needs. The best part? They will be with you throughout your policy, send you reminders, and work with the carriers on your behalf. And check out our What to Do If You Get Into An Accident check list.