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While some employees will continue to work at home for the second part of the year, others will resume their daily commute to their jobs. And with that commute come a bit more traffic,

It is vital to be extra careful when driving through school zones, near bus stops, and at intersections with crossing guards. If you live or work near a school zone, be on the lookout for kids crossing the street outside of marked crosswalks, and parents dropping of their children.  It is best to avoid parking in a crosswalk because you’re forcing pedestrians into the street, increasing their chances of being hit by a vehicle.

Let’s talk bus safety. The yellow flashing lights, mean stop and wait – at least 20 feet behind the bus. Going around a bus that has it’s lights flashing and it’s stop sign out is illegal and extremely dangerous. Don’t continue until the lights have stopped and the stop sign is retracted.

Also make sure your auto insurance has liability coverage in case of unexpected fender-benders in congested areas.